KeyLock is a program to lock and sign in to your computer using a USB Flash Drive or a phone.

For personal use
Download and use KeyLock for free. Only personal use is permitted.

For businesses
Get special customization options and extra support for your business.

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It is not possible to use your computer after you have locked it with KeyLock. Our software uses the Windows lock screen to lock your PC, making it impossible to reach the desktop. After unlocking, you can immediately use your computer again.

Easy to use
You quickly need your computer with the common Windows security? First you need to unlock your computer, meaning you need to type in your password, maybe have a typo, type in again and finally, your pc is unlocked. With KeyLock, all these problems are solved: Press “Unlock” on your phone or put your USB Flash Drive in your computer and you can use it immediately.

Log events
Immediately be notified if anyone tries to get into your computer by enabling one of the event log capabilities which KeyLock has built-in. Use the logbook to see all failed and successful login attempts, enable e-mail notifications to be notified if anyone makes a login attempt and turn on audio recording to hear what the intruders where saying while trying to unlock your computer.

KeyLock has been tested on Windows 7, 8 and 10 with local user accounts, domain user accounts and Microsoft user accounts. All of them are fully supported.

Core features

  • Add physical storage devices as unlock device
  • Add phones as unlock device
  • Set a daily time limit for a unlock device
  • Unlock the computer without entering a password if an unlock device is inserted
  • Automatically lock the computer if an unlock device is retracted
  • Log events in a logbook
  • Send e-mail notifications if a login attempt fails
  • Record audio if a login attempt fails
  • Optionally require an extra password to be entered to unlock the computer
  • Export and import unlock device keys