KeyLock documentation

The documentation regarding KeyLock premium can be found here. Still any questions? Contact us.


1. Download KeyLock

2. Execute the dowloaded installer Requires elevation

3. Follow the steps to install KeyLock

4. Open KeyLock

5. Enter your Windows password
If you change your Windows password, make sure you update it in KeyLock as well (see Miscellaneous settings how).

Adding a storage device as unlock device

1. Open KeyLock

2. Press “Manage physical unlock devices”

3. Select the drive you want to add as unlock device

4. Optional: set a time limit

5. Press “Add unlock device”

6. Enter your Windows password

A file will be saved on the selected storage device. This file contains the encrypted data to unlock your computer. It is encrypted in such a way that it cannot be copied between different drives. Nevertheless, you should make sure you never lose the drive.

To remove the unlock device, follow the same steps. The button “Add unlock device” will display “Remove unlock device” instead.

Adding a phone as unlock device

1. Open KeyLock

2. Press “Add phone as unlock device”

3. Enter your Windows password

4. Install KeyLock on your phone

5. Open KeyLock on your phone

6. Press “Scan QR-code” on your phone

7. Scan the QR-code with your phone

8. Press “Enter a phone key” on your computer and enter the phone key shown on your phone.

9. (Only if this is your first phone being added) Select if you want to use your LAN network, our cloud services or both for the communication between your phone and computer.

Removing a previously added phone can only be done by changing the computer keys.

Activating KeyLock

Make sure you have added and inserted your first unlock device before proceeding.

1. Open KeyLock

2. Check “Use KeyLock to sign in”. This will enable you to sign in using your unlock device without entering your Windows password. Requires elevation

3. Check “Automatic locking”. This will make sure your computer is automatically locked if an unlock device is retracted. Requires elevation

Event logging

To change settings related to event logging, open KeyLock and press “Settings”.

If “Log events” is checked, your computer will automatically register when an attempt is made to sign in, both if it was successful and if it was not.

If “Send email notifications” is checked, an e-mail will be sent to the specified email address when a failed login attempt was made.

If “Record audio” is checked, an audio recording will be made when a failed login attempt was made. The default audio input device will be used. At most 10 seconds of audio can be recorded.

Miscellaneous settings

To find all settings, open KeyLock and press “Settings”.

Lock screen behaviour

  • Insert credentials when no username is entered: if checked and if you enter no credentials when trying to sign in, automatically insert the specified credentials. The button “Set credentials of current user” will set the credentials of the current user to automatically be inserted. Requires elevation
  • Allow (USB) drives to unlock this PC: if checked, storage devices can be used to unlock your computer.
  • Allows phones to unlock this PC via the cloud: if checked, the computer will use our cloud services to scan if any phone has unlocked your computer.
  • Allows phones to unlock this PC via LAN: if checked, the computer will use your local LAN network to scan if any phone has unlocked your computer.
  • Require a password to be entered to sign in: if checked, a password must be entered to sign in.


  • Automatic updates: if checked, KeyLock will automatically notify you when an update is available when you open KeyLock. Requires elevation
  • Install beta versions: if checked, KeyLock will also scan for beta updates, but only if automatic updates is enabled. Requires elevation
  • Import/Export keys: import/export keys from/to a file. Note that the file contains all the unencrypted keys required to unlock your computer. Make sure you do not lose it.
  • Randomize keys: generate and use a new set of random keys. This will remove all previously added unlock devices.
  • Online/Offline activation: used to activate KeyLock premium. Requires elevation
  • Enter a new Windows password: use this button after you have changed your Windows password. KeyLock cannot function if it does not have your Windows password.